Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I typed MARRIED it was auto corrected to MARTYRED ..
So then I typed SHAADI it auto corrected to SHAHEED ..
Damn !!! These smart phones have gained too much intelligence .

Husband was throwing knives on wife's photo.

All were missing the target!

Suddenly he received a call from her "hi, what r u doing?"

His honest reply,

 "MISSING u!" 😜😜😂
Its damn funny when a wife thinks she is punishing her husband by not talking to him for days.
ALL Happy Husbands Behave Like Amir Khan In Ghajini -
Biwi Ki Sunte Hain,
Samajhte Hain,
15 Minute Ke Baad Sab BhooL  Jaate Hain...                                       __________________________________☺
Santa- Teri aur bhabhi ki jodi to "Ram-Sita" ki jodi hai.

Banta- Kahan yaar!! Na to ye dharti me samati hai, na hi ise koi Raavan le ke kata hai.

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