Saturday, June 29, 2013


. Automobile Engineer's wife delivered a baby.
Wife sends SMS to husband
"our New Vehicle is launched."
Husband' SMS 2 wife:
"With Gear or Without Gear" 😝

Message - ADULT POEM
 Niple Niple little star
 can i fuck u in my car
 up abv ur breast so high
 alwz milky nvr dry
 let me pres it dnt feel shy
 open ur bra let me fuck you high

Girl:- mei hu ladki jheel ki,
chut meri steel ki,
chod sake na hathi ghode,
tu kya chodega maa ke loude... 

Boy:-naam hai mera pappan pillo,
lund ka weight chappan kilo,
jamin par maru toh kuva khod jaye...
tu to kya teri ma bhi chud jaye..😂

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